Franklin Tarter

Franklin Tarter

Full-stack .Net Developer at CCLI
Creates PWAs at Mortar Labs

I am a software developer for work and for fun.

Full-stack Web

My main interest in development is in the full-stack web space. I enjoy the full process, from designing and testing core domain objects in the back-end to diving into the detail of user interactions in the front-end.

Cloud & Monitoring

Cloud services and (especially monitoring tools) are of high interest to me. Most companies are aware that leveraging the cloud will keep deployment and development simple, allowing teams to move quickly.

Using cloud monitoring services to gain insight on user behavior is still fairly untapped, especially in small/medium-sized companies. Excellent emerging monitoring services can empower a small team to make meaningful changes to the product quickly.

The "Right" Tool

Solving problems today is so interesting because there are so many options. It is important to understand the context of the problem as fully as possible. Is performance or time to market more important? Is resilience to change or maintainability more valuable at this stage? Each choice has a tradeoff and a benefit.

An of the shelf SaaS product or properly vetted open source library may deliver the same value as weeks of developer time in low-level code. I work hard to stay up to date on the products and approaches available. A more informed decision should drastically increase the chance that developer time can maintain high velocity on features that are core to the business.

Beyond Development

I try to embrace as many adjacent disciplines as I can. I have found that understanding more aspects of product development makes me feel more connected to the outcome, which has many benefits.


I especially enjoy collaborating in the UX space. I think when the handoff between design and dev occurs, that is just the beginning. The design shouldn't be thought of as a minimum requirement to reach, but a guide to improve upon as things are discovered.

There are nuances to each interaction when the application is alive in real code. There are new states the user could experience that are impossible to account for during the design phase.

The best result is possible when development can embody UX principles and collaborate effectively with their UX designer.


It’s very gratifying doing ongoing support and feature development on a product. A team having ownership when designing, building, testing, releasing, gathering feedback, monitoring, and improving after being armed with new knowledge is very powerful.

Seeing the needle moved and intuitions validated (or invalidated!) is exciting and a very engaging way to work.

Motivation & Teamwork

I think many times software development is more creative than analytical. If work becomes all deadlines and bullet points, work-happiness and eventually productivity will be impacted.

An antidote to feeling dry and robotic is to be connected with the team and with the outcome. Use social motivation and trust as a positive pressure. Celebrate wins and milestones to prevent the mundane from creeping in.

What I'm Up To

Large Projects

Building e-commerce solutions & doing payment gateway integrations with Asp.Net Core, Azure.

On the side

  • My partner and I launched a side business building PWAs and doing general web/business consulting for small businesses. We use Firebase and Vue to create statically rendered sites. We use serverless functions to add any backend functionality as needed.
  • My first open source project converts a public medium feed into Markdown/HTML to keep fresh content showing up in personal/company site. Work in progress.
  • A repo to demonstrate an opinionated way to do CQRS best practices in Asp.Net Core.
  • Options investing program. ( code not public )


Entrepreneurship/Small Business

Rob Walling

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